Juan Carlos Labbé H.

Digital Transformation / Growth Hacker / eCommerce

Digital business and marketing expert, with more than 18 years of experience giving consulting advice to the most relevant companies in each of their respective industries, such as Clinica Las Condes, Entel, LATAM, VTR, Walmart, Unilever, Clinica Alemana, Capitaria, Grupo Coomeva (Colombia), Tienda Amiga (Bolivia), among others. Advising their definition and planification of their digital business models, strategies and marketing roadmaps with maximization of ROI as a main goal.

Posess high analytical and creative capacities in the same proportion and is capable of bringing these qualities to any project or commercial function.

Extensive experience in leadership and training of multidisciplinary teams with high performance in the fields of Customer Experience, Inbound Marketing, Design and Development of Digital Channels, Campaign Management, eCommerce, UX / UI, Conversion Rate Optimization and Customer Retention.

Ability to conceptualize solutions for abstract problems, define and diagram productive work processes focused on performance and compliance with defined objectives (OKR’s).

  • eCommerce Day 2010 – Cámara de Comercio Santiago
  • Mañana de Medios Sociales Patroniced by Movistar · Iab.Chile · La Tercera
  • FEAP Awards (Federación de Agencias de Publicidad Venezuela) – International Speaker and Award Delivering
  • Mentorship fo LionsUp Open Innovation Tournament – Universidad de Santiago, Chile


  • Definition and leadership of Digital Transformation
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Definition of Digital Business Models
  • Strategy Definition
  • Project Planning
  • Financial Estimates of Projects
  • Leadership of UX/UI Projects
  • Implementation of Methodologies, such as Design Thinking, ValueProposals, CX Canvas, among others.
  • Definition of requirements for digital products.

Profesional Experience

I2B TECHNOLOGIES (Santiago, Chile), Manager, 2005 – current.

Joined the company to form and lead the Design department, over the years, thanks to the good an acknowledged performance of the department and the growth of the company, he was entrusted with the mission of forming a fundamental cornerstone within the current organization, which has allowed I2B to achieve considerable growth, not only as a development company, but also as a digital consulting company.

Since his incorporation, he has contributed to go from a company with 15 collaborators and presence only in Chile, to a company of more than 180 collaborators distributed in Chile, Perú, Colombia and India.

He is currently Manager of Digital Services, which comprises two of the three verticals of the company (Consulting and Concurrent Services).

For the Consulting vertical, he has focused on Digital Transformation and Digital Business Definition, for which he has defined the operation model of said service for the company and that has been successfully implemented with his supervision in companies such as Coopeuch, Coomeva (Colombia), Capitaria and Glam & Co.

For the Concurrent Services Vertical, he has defined the operating model that the company uses to provide its service, which consists of operating the online channels of its clients, seeking to monetize their business and meet business objectives, where the following achievements stand out:

  • Establish user-centered design approach for all customers, for everything related to business, web and mobile.
  • Lead the redesign of VTR.com, where the customer experience was optimized in order to achieve greater profitability. When the site was relaunched, a significant increase in its conversion rates was achieved,going from 14% to an impressive 26%.
  • Define business objectives and digital strategy for Clinica Las Condes, achieving annual growth (4 consecutive years) at rates of + 20%.
  • Leading Entel’s start in the digital world, during the first 11 years of its onlinepresence (2005 to 2106), including definitions of User Experience (UX), Design (UI), Business Optimizations, in terms of digitizing processes and making available online transactions (recharges, renewal, change of plans, among other services).

TBWA (Santiago, Chile) Creative Director 2001-2005

He joined the agency and incorporated his experience in Advertising and Marketing Below the Line, which allowed him to form the BTL department for the agency, thus achieving the possibility of expanding the services provided to clients such as Nivea, Eucerin, Tesa, Adidas , Hewlett Packard and McDonalds.

Main achivements:

  • Expanded the agency’s business model and founded the Below the Line department, which allowed not only to provide a better and more complete service to its clients, but also to attract new clients.
  • Conceptualize and implement Below the Line strategies, optimizing budgets allowing clients to achieve greater impact and exposure with less investment. An outstanding example is found in the implementation of the reception that Adidas and Telefónica gave to the tennis players Nicolás Massú and Gonzalo Fernandez after their Olympic achievements in Athens 2004, where the investment (Bus, organization in general, graphics, etc.) did not exceed the 50 million pesos, but the investment estimate for exposure was around 800 million pesos.

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